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Welcome to Felisco Sun Ghana

Felisco-Sun Ghana Limited is your reliable and most efficient provider of freight forwarding and total logistics services.
With international and local branches, we employ both full time and casual staff in order to facilitate smooth running of our entire product portfolio value chain. We have been operating since 2012 and our experience with hundreds of clients makes us the best partner for all your freight forwarding and logistics services. We employ international best practices both in dealing with customers as well as our staff... read more

Solutions we provide

At Felisco-sun Ghana Limited, we work conscientiously to ensure we bring you the best from the services we provide for our clients.

Track your Shipment

We provide a comprehensive system of tracking whick lets you know the state of your package wherever it is as it gradually gets to you. It is very neccesary for our clients to feel safe about their shipments and our tracking systems ensures that. With regular updates to the state of your shipment.

Shipment Tracking

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